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 A 4-week journey guiding spiritually curious millennials

to connect with their intuition through the elements, 

air + fire + water + earth

Summon your Inner Compass...

Build a relationship with your intuition; 
trust your inner guidance, take aligned action.

This is an archetypal journey into your subconscious, conscious and superconscious
through contemplation, meditation and ritual practices. 

The intention of this container is to be as accessible, enjoyable, powerful and easily integrate-able as possible.
You will move forward from this journey feeling confident in your intuition with
tangible rituals and practices to implement in your daily life.

Each week you will receive the following centered around the Archetype of the week:  

  • 20 minute pre-recorded teaching

  • 20 minute pre-recorded guided meditation

  • Weekly ritual practice 

  • 60-90 minute group call focused on sharing findings and experiences

  • What's App Group for the container 

The teaching, meditation and ritual are to be done in your own time, ideally prior to the group call for the week. 

Calls will be scheduled based on the group's best avails,
aiming for Tuesdays at 4:30pm PST

Note: Week 0 will be on Thursday, January 11th for the New Moon

Schedule of Archetypes

Week 0: The Fool: Novice
Open your Senses
Thursday  Jan 11th, 2024

Opening New Moon Circle for the New Moon in Capricorn 

 Setting intention

Week 1: The Channel 
Learn your Language 
Tuesday Jan 16th 2024

Tools to give our intuition to communicate with us,

the art of listening and paying attention. 

Week 2: The Programmer
Face your OS 
Tuesday Jan 23rd, 2024

Clearing for oracular consciousness. 

Week 3: The Artist  
Feel Your Flow 
Tuesday Jan 30th, 2024

Let your body lead.

Week 4: The Sun 
Illuminate Your Path
Tuesday, Feb 6th

You are the center of your world.

Week 5: The Warrior
Service Your Truth 
Tuesday Feb 13th, 2024

Commune with your strength.

Week 6: The Healer
Tend Your Soul
Tuesday, Feb 20th

Embrace the sensitive self. 

Week 7: The Creator
Remember Your Source
Tuesday, Feb 27th

The Water Mysteries

Week 8: The Spark 
Receive Your Seeds
Tuesday, March 5th

Lightning Bolt - Knowing what's yours to do.

Week 9: The Fool: Initiate
Move Forward with Intention Tuesday, March 12th




  • You feel disconnected from your intuition 

  • You are interested in Spirituality and don't know where to start

  • You'd like to start a ritual or meditation practice

  • You like Harry Potter

  • You are ready to make a positive shift in your life

  • You feel like you're too busy for any of the above...


This journey is a beta test for a future ​program I plan to launch. Your feedback throughout and after the journey is requested and appreciated. The financial exchange for this entire journey is requested on a sliding scale from $222-444.

Please reach out if funds are an issue. 

This will be an intimate journey of up to 10-12 beings. All are welcome who come with an open heart and mind.  This is an inclusive space to all genders, races, cultures and identities.

TLDR; Venmo me $222 



Forever Student to the Mystery

Born into Roman Catholicism, my journey has taken me through deep initiations to show up in this version of myself today. During my own Dark Night of the Soul in 2019, my curiosity for the mystery fully re-ignited and I began studying the feminine mysteries with Her Mystery School. Initiated into the Queen's Command at HMS at the end of my second year, I continued onwards in Apprenticeship with the Academy of Oracle Arts, where I am approaching my third year in 2024.


Bringing together my knowledge of Astrology, Astronomy, Numerology, Frequency, Hermetic Qabbalah, Egyptian Cosmology, Earth Wisdom Traditions, Ritual Technologies and Divination Practices to guide this work,  I am honored to be of service in this way and for you to trust me with your time.



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