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Nicole McGinley

Mystery, Awe and Wonder

Hi! I'm Nicole, Oracle and Astrologer, currently based in San Francisco. 

I am a forever student to the mystery.  Growing up Roman Catholic, Spirit was always a big part of my life.  I was pretty sold on God until my early 20's, when I got tired of the shame and grief stemming from the teachings of the Catholic Church, along with the rampant hypocrisy; I renounced all religion and prayer, and entered a pretty dark period of my life.  

Successful in so many ways, depressed in so many others, life blew up in my face in 2019. I went through a dark night of the soul and knew it was time to remember how to pray again, this time, on my own terms. 


I've spent the last 4 years studying esoteric wisdom in steeped in the mysteries of the Divine Feminine, Egypt, Native American and Pagan mythologies.  I spent two years studying with  Jumana Sophia at Her Mystery School based in Ashland, OR and another 3 years studying with Isis Indriya and Marza Millar at the Academy of Oracle Arts in Nevada City, CA.


I am a certified Sound Healer with the AHA Sound Sanctuary led by Scarlett De La Torre.  I have studied Astrology with AstroButterfly, Matthew Merlin and Rebecca Gordon. I currently am studying Tarot with Naha Armády at 22 Teachings.

When I'm not Oracle-ing you can find me on the dance floor, House, Techno, Disco, Partner Dancer, Ecstatic Dance, let's play!   

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